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Product Packaging Solutions

One Imaging Inc. provides product packaging and printing design to the manufacturing industry. We have decades of experience creating packaging for a variety of food, pharmaceutical and beauty companies who are subject to specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

Additionally, we provide expert guidance on retail strategy and merchandising requisites, ecommerce and shipping considerations, quality & price, innovation & the environment, and of course, customer experience.

Our Services & Process

Wherever you are in your search for packaging, we can help you every or any step of the way to creating the right solution for you the first time.

Whether you are a brand manager or creative agency we can consult on your packaging design and development taking every aspect into consideration making sure that no box is left unchecked.

We focus on the 5 basic functions including protection, containment, information, utility of use, and promotion. We will understand your priorities, requirements, brand, budget and timing and can produce a prototype or proof for your approval.

We know you are busy, so we can also manage the kitting and delivery, so you can relax and get back to work.

Our Previous Work

There are many aspects and dimensions to packaging that need to be considered when designing a packaging solution for your products that tend to get overlooked. These oversights can result lost time, money and product and worst of all, customer satisfaction. One Imaging helps you create product packaging that is as beautiful as it is strategic, functional, user-friendly and economical. Let us do it right, the first time.

Here are some examples of projects our clients have entrusted One Imaging to solve and the solutions we designed for them.


One Imaging was asked to create retail packaging for an elevated bath brand with various products that had different dimensions and specific needs. Products include solid and liquid soaps, creams, and diffusers. The packaging was required to function for both in-store retail marketing and direct to consumer ecommerce sales and keep the products safe during transport.

We produced a variety of customized tuck flap box packaging with interior specifications that ‘float’ the products securely inside and protects them from damage during shipping. The solution was both on-brand and economical solving each of the clients’ requirements.


One Imaging was asked to produce packaging for a high-end bath brand utilizing a highly intricate design artwork provided by 3rd party designers that the client determined was too complex and expensive to be implemented.

We developed a modified custom solution using a 12 PMS colour with foil stamping and a specifically sourced material to fit their budget without compromising on design or quality.


One Imaging was asked to design a retail packaging solution for a confectionary product that appeals and stands out to customers during a pandemic.

We incorporated Contanctsafe, an Antibacterial Microbial Coating developed for food packaging that kills viruses on both inside and outside. This innovative coating was added to protect those in contact during manufacturing, shipping and shelving as well as the consumer and prolonging product’s shelf life.


One Imaging was asked to adapt and improve upon an existing sugar holder used to display the companies’ variety of sugar brands in one reusable package.

We designed a reusable acrylic sugar holder that markets the clients’ product wile providing an attractive and convenient solution (easy to clean and refill) for their restaurant clients that was on budget. The new holders were pre-kitted, with the companies uniquely sized products for immediate distribution to sales reps.

Almassed Nutrition Protein Powder

One Imaging was asked To create a shipping and retail merchandising solution for a clients to sell their products at Walmart.

We created a cost-effective self-contained box for shipping that transformed into an attractive retail display to ensure the product would be strategically merchandised in store and provide eye-catching marketing and information to the customer.

Shirley to provide pictures.

Truenorth Nutrition (GMC) Protein Bar

One Imaging was asked to create a packaging solution for a client to promote a new product and incentivize retail buyers to chose this brand over the competitors.

We designed, sourced and kitted a simple and innovative concept to affix a tag and a sampler to a product for retail marketing and tradeshow promotions.

Corporate Gifts - Glass Drinks And Drinkware

One Imaging was asked to create a multipurpose packaging solution for a wine brand that can be used retail merchandising and corporate gifting and is secure enough to be shipped directly to the end client.

We created a custom box to secure and protect one bottle of wine and two wine glasses during shipping, a protective exterior designed beautifully for retail merchandising, and a user-friendly box opening experience that represents the brand and impresses the client.

Shirley to provide pictures of Wine Labels & Custom, boxes, & Retail Wines.

Lets Get Started!

There are many requirements to consider when creating packaging for your products. One Imaging will ensure that you don’t just check 1 or 2 boxes, but all of them. We will listen to what matters most to you and use design thinking to ensure all aspects of your packaging have been considered so you get it right the first time. We will discuss with you your retail strategy, shipping, environmental impact, material quality and price, manufacturing and packing costs.