Omnichannel Solutions: Variable Data Print, Personalized Direct Mail, QR Codes, and NFC

Print and digital solutions communicate your vision to the world. Here’s where Variable Data Print (VDP) and Personalized Direct Mail can help.

Normally, you print and send the piece out. One and done. But what if you could reuse a digitally-printed piece by switching the text, graphics and images from one piece to another? That’s how One Imaging allows companies to keep the messages to consumers coming, without stopping or slowing down the printing process. Amazingly, there is a 70% higher brand recall with this method over digital. The VDP-printed customizable sales piece is mailed directly to the consumer. And you’ll know 82% of targeted direct mail is read for a minute or more, which helps drive sales.

There are options to add in too. We know print gets people’s attention. If it has your name on it, people tend to read it. By adding a QR or “Quick Response” code, you give people access to even more information. QR is a scannable 2D code wno third-party app required  that prompt a specific action: website visit, app download, and social media profile, for example. This opens up the possibilities for brands to allow consumers easy access to video ads and social marketing campaigns too. It’s easy to add a QR or SmartCode to any offline ad creative such as product packaging; event posters; brochures; flyers, postcards; business cards; and conference displays. This drives users to the next step in the buying process.

A full circle tool, QR Codes can fulfill a variety of objectives:

Link to a website or landing page
Send a text message or email
Direct users to leave reviews
Use editable dynamic QR codes to engage customers on a personalized level

View message or access special offer
View Google maps location
Direct to the social media profile
Boost their brand by using QR codes to enhance the user experience.

In a multi-touch campaign, round off with NFC, or Near Field Communications, which can engage a prospective customer through integrated video. NFC imbeds a chip in print or digital copy. Effective and easy-to-use, NFC seamlessly combines print, video, and cutting-edge technology to tell a brand’s story.


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